JOLLY WHITE | Folding bamboo chair


Bamboo plywood

The slimmest chair in the world! Only 2.5 cm thick (same as a finger) Four chairs will fit into a 10 cm space.

Once folded, it is completely flat. It can be put away anywhere and in any position: upright, horizontally, diagonally and can even be hung up.

It has a tilting backrest to ensure maximum comfort and a fitted cushion, supplied upon request.

In many situations, the alternative to this chair is standing up.

It is made of three, crossed layers of bamboo plywood glued against the grain and hot-pressed. Its white varnish protects it from humidity and occasional rain.

It is not suitable for permanent outdoor use.

JOLLY WHITE Closed | Front view
JOLLY WHITE | Folding bamboo chair
Materials & Technical data
Structure Bamboo plywood
Weight range Withstands up to 150 Kg
Closed cm 52,5 x 81 x 2,5
Weight Kg 6
JOLLY WHITE | Folding bamboo chair


Jolly Cushion
JOLLY WHITE | Jolly Cushion


Leather Socks
JOLLY WHITE | Leather Socks


Valdenassi | Generic packaging
Quantity 1 pc
Weight Kg 7,2
Dimensions cm 56,8 x 89 x 4,5
Volume 0,02 m3
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