ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol

ONE STEP | Parasol



Made of aluminium, the ONE STEP sun umbrella features a patented, gas-piston system (like those installed on vehicles for the trunk doors) by which it can be effortlessly opened and closed with a single hand.

While closing the umbrella, the fabric folds onto the shaft and no part of the umbrella will touch any furniture underneath, avoiding the need to move it. When it is closed, it is very compact, thus limiting its visual impact.

One or two round umbrellas and up to four square umbrellas can be mounted on the shaft.

Led lights with a variety of layout options can be supplied as optional items.

ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
Single pole
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
ONE STEP Single | Opening No. 01
ONE STEP Single | Opening No. 02
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
Asta multipla
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
ONE STEP Multiple | Opening No. 01
ONE STEP Multiple | Opening No. 02
ONE STEP Multiple | Opening No. 03
ONE STEP Multiple | Opening No. 04

ONE STEP | Fabric colors

ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol
ONE STEP | Aluminium Parasol

SUNBRELLA | Technical data

AGILE | Aluminium Parasol
AGILE | Aluminium Parasol
Dickson Acryl 00% solution-dyed
Weight 290 g/m
Colourfastness 7-8/8 (Standard ISO 105 BO4)
Waterproof >300 mm water column
Maintenance All fabrics can be washed and replaced

One Move System

ONE STEP | One Move System

Thanks to the patented “One Move System”, it is possible to open and close the umbrella in a single movement. It is not necessary to move the chairs and table while closing the umbrella as it opens and closes above the standard tables (not valid for the 3 x 3 m version).

Gas spring

ONE STEP | Gas spring

The manual version is ultra-light to maneuver, thanks to the stainless steel gas spring (not valid for the 3 x 3 m version).


  • Standard fabric with 4 zippers
  • Teeth hinge outwards instead of inwards
  • To be specified in the orders until 30-06-2016



ONE STEP | Standard
ONE STEP | Opional No. 01
ONE STEP | Opional No. 02
ONE STEP | Opional No. 03
ONE STEP | Opional No. 04

Poles colour

ONE STEP | Grey pole
ONE STEP | Black pole
ONE STEP | White pole
ONE STEP | Silver pole
ONE STEP | Ast Copper

+ 25 cm

285 cm
rather than
260 cm

XL version
260 cm
and 285 cm

UV Filter

ONE STEP | UV Filter

Ozone layer depletion has caused a reduction in the filtering of ultraviolet rays. This, in turn, entails that prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun poses increased health risks. All P6 and P7 fabrics have the capacity to significantly reduce the penetration of UV rays and offer you and your children the perfect protection from the harmful effects of sunrays (100% of UV rays are filtered out).

The Skin Cancer foundation recommends Dickson Acrylic as a part of your complete sun protection regime, including regular use of sunscreen.

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