OSKAR Director stool | Silver


anodized aluminum

The structure The silver-colored structure of this stool is made from robust aluminum. The seat and backrest are structured, in padded white polyester which is easy to wash and impervious to ultraviolet light – meaning that it won’t yellow in the sun. The armrests are imitation teak. The pattern and colour are both similar to teak, but are in fact a synthetic resin, also impervious to ultraviolet light, which will always stay as bright as the day of production – it won’t oxidise or change colour when exposed to sunlight or any kind of weather. It does not absorb substances and can be cleaned with a wet cloth. It comes with smooth, nylon chair-leg caps, which prevent damage to the teak deck. A safety catch prevents any accidental opening and ensures exceptional stability even with strong pitching and rolling.

A cushion made of acrylic fabric or synthetic leather can be placed on the seat or used as a footrest. A synteak top can be placed on the stool and thus transformed into a side table.

As an optional extra, for additional comfort, cushions can be added to the seat and backrest, in acrylic or in synthetic leather.

OSKAR | Steel screws

Steel screws

OSKAR | Safety catch

Safety catch

OSKAR | Nylon caps in the feet

Nylon chair feet

OSKA24 | Silver stool
Materials & Technical data
Structure Anodized aluminum
Seat / Backrest Padded polyester fabric
Removable fabric No, fixed to the structure
Folded cm 10,5 x 49 x 81,5
Weight Kg 9,8
OSKA4 | Closed


Acrylic cushion
OSKA24 | Silver stool | Acrylic cushion
OSKAR | Acrylic cushion

Acrylic cushion OSKACAD

Synthetic leather cushions
OSKA24 | Silver stool Synthetic leather cushion
OSKAR | Synthetic leather cushion

Synthetic leather cushion OSKACADK

Top Tray for Stool Silver
OSKA31 | Top Tray for Silver Stool

Top tray OSKACA31

OSKAR | Cover
OSKAR | Cover
OSKAR | Cover
OSKA4.CAN Canvas in white rain pvc
OSKAR | Socks
OSKAR | Socks
OSKA7LS Synthetic leather socks 4 pieces for Oskar chair
Oskar packing
Quantity 1 pc
Weight Kg 13,3
Dimensions cm 125 x 63 x 13
Volume 0,10 m3
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