OVAL | Seats
Ecru Cotton – Acrylic – Natural


beech with “Yachting” glossy paint

The OVAL stool is that type of seat that you really must have as a reserve for an extra guest!

Of contained dimensions and very compact once folded, it can be easily stowed away.

OVAL | Stool with teak Top

As an option you can also have a teak top that transforms the stool into a service table, always very useful on board.

The top rests on the stool, which in any case must have the fabric inserted in order to remain open and is very stable, due to the rounded edges that surround the round profile.

Materials & Technical data
Structure Faggio con verniciatura lucida Yacthing
Hinges Solid brass
Seat Cotton / Acrylic / Natural
Removable fabric Yes
Closed cm 14,5 x 37,5 x 65
Weight Kg 4

The stool can not be used on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone.
Use only on a flat surface.
The stool resists a weight of a person sitting up to 80 kg.
Do not use the stool as a ladder, do not use it for more than one person.
Periodically check the correct tightening of the screws.


Teak top
OVAL | Stool with Teak Top
OVAL | Stool with Teak Top

OVAL Teak Top for Oval Stool

OVAL | Bag
OVAL | Open bag
OVAL STORAGE BAG | Bag with handles
Code 1DTCTSB – White rain PVC canvas 350 g
OVAL | Socks
OVAL | Socks
Code 7LS – 4 piece set
Valdenassi | Generic packaging
Quantity 2 pcs
Weight Kg 9
Dimensions cm 60 x 44 x 73
Volume 0,19 m3
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